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  1. Enable PS5 Browser Permanently, App0_Testkit & Sandbox_Testkit PS5 Dumps

    Following the First PS5 Custom Themes released comes how to enable the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Browser permanently with the PS5 Partition Mount (PS5PM) Method Payloads proceeding the PS5 System Mount ELF alongside some App0_Testkit / Sandbox_Testkit PS5 Dumps with more details outlined below. :geek...
  2. PS5 BD-JB Exploit: First BD-J Hack Source Code by TheOfficialFloW

    In PS5Scene news today, since the previous PS5 BD-JB Reimplementation & App0 Listing developer TheOfficialFloW announced on Twitter that he decided to publish his BD-JB Source Code following the 2022-Hardwear-io-BD-JB.pdf as the scene managed to escape the BD-J Java Sandbox on PlayStation 5...