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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :music: following the PS4 WebKit 0-Day Exploit, PS4 Userland 7.02 Port fork, 7.02 PS4 Full Stack and 7.02 PS4HEN this weekend PlayStation 4 developer sleirsgoevy updated his PS4JB Github repository with a PS4 7.02 Jailbreak page currently featuring these options: JB+MIRA, JB+HEN, JB+LINUX (VRAM 1GB), JB+LINUX (VRAM 3GB), JB+NETCAT (LEGACY) and JB+NETCAT! 🎁 🎅

On the PS4JB 7.02 Page developer @sleirsgoevy notes the success rate is about 10% so unless you're already on PS4 OFW 7.02 it's advisable to hold off updating your Firmware and use 7.02 Backported PS4 FPKGs for the time being... and @Chronoss09 passed along via Twitter a last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702.rar (189.44 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v2_fix.rar (190.85 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v3.rar (323.36 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v4.rar (336.3 KB) and last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v5_new.rar (376.46 KB) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v5_old.rar (346.96 KB) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v6_fix.rar (1015.1 KB - adds PS4Debug payload) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v6.2.rar (1.06 MB) / Test Page / Sleirsgoevy host 702 v7 (v2) by Chronoss.rar (1.38 MB) / Test Page (Latest Version). :fire:

Next up, @zecoxao shared via Twitter a PS4 7.02 Kernel Dump for PlayStation 4 Scene developers to further examine 🧐 offsets in the System Software. :geek:

Download: dump.bin (42 MB) / Full_kernel_dump_7.02 by Karo.bin (103.1 MB) via @karo218

Proceeding his PS4 7.02 Game Backporting footage, @grabman (Twitter) updated his YouTube Channel with a FF7R FPKG Backport video confirming it works just fine... while his latest video covers the PS4JB: PS4 7.02 Jailbreak updates stating the following in the description, to quote:

Use this new site and follow along with video. If you need to send a payload use JB plus Netcat which is port 9021 or legacy which is 9020. I recommend caching this site and going offline.

For those experiencing issues I have done extensive testing of 7.02 and it is working quite well. If you are on 6.72 or above I highly recommend taking advantage of the above method. Hope this helps people.

PS4 Jailbreak 7.02: How To Jailbreak

Finally, SonysNightmare shared an Unlimited Ammo RE3-AMMO-HACK.cht file for use on the RE3 Remake FPKG with PS4 Cheater:

Download: RE3-AMMO-HACK.rar (403 Bytes - Password: SonysNightmare)

Holiday greetings to @cedsaill4 for the news tip on Twitter earlier: :bananaman6:
Download: kernel_dump_fw_672.rar (13.99 MB)
For user Gentoo Linux 7.02 here is a pack for Belize version via mircoho:

Download: Gentoo Linux 7.02 (Belize Version) (10.8 MB) / Mirror (Includes bzImage, initramfs.cpio.gz and PS4-Linux-Loader_normalEDID.bin)
Another play-go fix - just delete \misc\ChunkMap.dat :p
PS4JB PS4 7.02 Jailbreak Updates by Sleirsgoevy, Kernel Dump and More!.jpg


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