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While time will tell if the next full PS4 Jailbreak Exploit will be gifted upon the PS4Scene on Caturday (presumably Christmas Day: Saturday, December 25th 2021), in preparation developers have now made available an archive of PS4 9.00 Payloads via @Al Azif on Twitter. 🎁

:alert: As echoed in some Tweets below, DON'T UPDATE your PS4 console if you wish to use PS4 Game Backup PKGs (Part II and Part III) via PS4 Torrents and PS4 Homebrew Apps whenever a new PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Exploit is publicly released. :alert:

Download: payloads ( (223.66 KB) / 9.00_kernel.bin (20.08 MB)

⚡ 9.00 PS4 Payloads for use with POOBS4: PS4 9.00 Jailbreak Exploit:
To recap briefly, this comes following the PS4 7.55 / 8.00 Payloads alongside PS4JB2 by Sleirsgoevy on Twitter... with 9.03 PS4 OFW as Sony's most recent PS4 Official Firmware update, and the latest userland entry point being @sleirsgoevy's PS4 9.00 WebKit Exploit. 🔥

@SpecterDev on Twitter also credits ChendoChap as writing an exploit near the stability of 5.05... with help from @zezu420 (Znullptr on Twitter aka dmiller423) who confirmed today proceeding the PS5 Root Keys that the kernel exploit affects PlayStation 5 as well 🥳 (but isn't ready nor being released in the PS5Scene as the lead developer doesn't have a PS5 console yet so they're accepting donations via BTC: 3NzPFtVJqp9mkDcZpwcfPQcqRqex1rDB5R) and a demo video by diwidog (@KIWIDOGGIE aka kd_tech_ or kiwidoggie on Github) available in the Tweets below. 🥝

Currently included 9.00 PS4 Payloads in the payloads ( archive above are:
  • app2usb.bin
  • app-dumper.bin
  • backup.bin
  • disable-aslr.bin
  • disable-updates.bin
  • enable-browser.bin
  • enable-updates.bin
  • exit-idu.bin
  • fan-threshold.bin
  • ftp.bin
  • history-blocker.bin
  • kernel-clock.bin
  • kernel-dumper.bin
  • Mira_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_900.elf
  • MiraLoader_Orbis_MIRA_PLATFORM_ORBIS_BSD_900.bin
  • module-dumper.bin
  • permanent-uart.bin
  • restore.bin
  • rif-renamer.bin
  • todex.bin
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