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  1. PS4 Exploit Disclosed via TheFloW & PS4 7.55 / 8.00 Payloads - Don't Update!

    Following his previous PS4 7.02 Kernel Exploit (KEX), the PS4 7.02 / 7.51 / 7.55 WebKit Exploit, PS4 7.02 Full Stack and PS4JB 7.02 Jailbreak today developer theflow0 via bug bounty site publicly disclosed a PS4 vulnerability he reported this past July that when properly chained...
  2. PS4 RIF Renamer Exploit / Payload for License Files by Al Azif

    We've covered some PlayStation 4 RIF Research, Findings, Samples and the PS4 IDX Generator / GenIDX Tool to make IDX files allowing the PS4 to see RIF activation files for application and game PKGs, and today following his recent PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 RC2 + Payloads developer @Al Azif shared...

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