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In PS5 Scene news today, following @CTurt's Mast1c0re Exploit Chain for PS4 / PS5 via PS2 Emulator and How to Play NES Games with PS3Filer via PS5 BD-J Emulation comes some demo videos from Security Consultant _mccaulay on Twitter showcasing a public reimplementation of the mast1c0re vulnerability PoC with arbitrary PS2 code execution and native PS5 ROP chain execution on the latest PlayStation 5 Firmware alongside footage testing it on PS4 Firmware 5.05 as well. :)

In response to his previous Mast1c0re Blog Post last fall, Security Engineer CTurtE replied on Twitter stating, "Very cool to see public reimplementations of the first part of my mast1c0re exploit chain, especially when tested on the latest PS5 firmware."
  • PyPSU v0.1.0 (11.2 KB - pypsu-0.1.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl) - A Python library and command line tool to parse, create, modify and delete files within the PS2 PSU file format.
Mast1c0re Arbitrary PS2 Code & Native PS5 ROP Chain Execution PS4 Demos.png