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We've seen several PS4 Payload Injectors over the years including NetCat GUI, PlayStation 4 Tool, PS4 Tool.apk, Payload Injector PS4, PS4 Memory Editor & ELF Loader, PS4 Avatar Injector, PS4 Payload ELF Injector and the latest release from TheWizWikii of via Twitter dubbed PS4 Payload Injector 2.1 for Windows supporting 1.76, 4.05, 4.55, 5.05, 5.07, 6.72 and 7.02 pending the upcoming release of a full PS4 7.02 jailbreak. šŸ˜€

Download: PS4.Payload.injector.rar (Latest Version) / GIT / Arabic Language via rooo7

To quote from the, roughly translated: What is it:

Tool developed in C # with which we can inject / send our payloads to our PS4 console with exploit, and it is compatible with all firmware with exploit. Remember that payloads or useful loads are .bin files.

To use it you simply need to enable code execution on your PS4 by accessing the webkit or exploit and then send the payload through the application.


Currently supports all Firmware with Kernel Exploit from PlayStation 4
  • 1.76
  • 4.05
  • 4.55
  • 5.05
  • 5.07
  • 6.72
  • 7.02

You need to have Visual Studio 2015 or higher to compile, improve or modify this repository.

Cheers to @hyndrid via Twitter for the heads-up on this latest PS4 Payload injector.exe release. šŸ»
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PS4 Payload Injector 2.1 Windows GUI Application by TheWizWiki.png

:arrow: Update: Below is another dubbed the PS4 Punch Payload Injector Universal (Compatible 4.05 4.55 5.05 6.72 7.02 7.55) by SonysNightmare that adds 7.02 / 7.55 support alongside Nightmares ELF Injector Tool as well.

Download: ps4punch.rar (725.73 KB) / ps4punch.7.55.rar (725.65 KB) / ELF-INJECTOR-PS4.rar (4.14 MB) / 1.1-ELF-INJECTOR.rar (1.21 MB)
PS4 ELF Injector 1.1 Loader by SonysNightmare.png


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