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  1. rooo7

    Mini PS4 Payload 9.00 Homebrew App by Master-s (aka Rooo7)

    Today I (Master-s aka @rooo7) present to you Mini PS4 Payload 9.00 on the occasion of the New Year 2022 following my PS4 Payloads v1.0.6 update for use with PlayStation 4 v9.00 Payloads and the pOOBs4 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit for 9.00 Firmware including GoldHEN v2.0b2 homebrew enabler. šŸ„‚šŸ¾...
  2. PS4 Payload Injector 3.0 Windows GUI App by TheWizWiki & PS4 ELF Injector by SonysNightmare

    We've seen several PS4 Payload Injectors over the years including NetCat GUI, PlayStation 4 Tool, PS4 Tool.apk, Payload Injector PS4, PS4 Memory Editor & ELF Loader, PS4 Avatar Injector, PS4 Payload ELF Injector and the latest release from TheWizWikii of via Twitter dubbed PS4...
  3. Frost4 (PS4 Frostbite Engine) Toolkit & GNMF (BA2) Tools by SockNastre

    Recently developer SockNastre made available on Github both a Frost4 Toolkit for modifying the proprietary Frostbite engine on PS4 alongside some BethesdaArchive2 GNMF tools to read / write in Bethesda's proprietary GNMF (BA2) archive format used on PlayStation 4 for Mirror's Edge Catalyst and...

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