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Recently PlayStation 4 developer @ItsJokerZz made available via Twitter a PS4 Payload ELF Injector with source code for exploited 5.05 consoles. :)

He states that this Payload & ELF Injector.exe is the first and final version of the application unless something important needs to be fixed, and below are further details from the to quote: Payload_ELF_Injector

Download: / GIT

A payload and ELF injector for 5.05 exploited PlayStation 4. This is only for 5.05 if you wish to use this application for another version get jkPatch for you firmware, replace the payload in the build folder, and then run the tool.

If you can't or do not wish to build the application download the release and if needed change the payload.

Cheers to @jwooh for the heads-up on this PS4 homebrew application! :beer:
PS4 Payload ELF Injector for Exploited 5.05 Consoles by ItsJokerZz.jpg


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