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Welcome to PSXHAX (aka PSXHACKS) everyone... if you have any questions just holla and we'll be happy to help out!

Also if you'd like to be a news writer, post your news HERE in the News Submissions forum and we'll mainpage it adding you to our growing list of Authors from the community.

Here's a brief summary of our current PSXHAX User Groups for reference:

User Group Perks
Guest Unregistered users, are:
Registered Confirmed email address, can:
  • Download Attachments​
  • View External Links​
  • Use Avatars​
  • Use Search
  • Use the Style Chooser to change Themes (Seasonal)​
  • View Spoilers​
Contributor & Member After 3 days since you registered, can also:
  • Make comments on articles and forum post replies​
  • Follow Guide to earn Blue Verified Badge for PKGs​
  • Use Reactions to 'LIKE' people's comments / posts​
  • Use the @Mention System
  • Edit your posts up to 2 minutes to correct any errors​
  • Vote on Polls​
  • Post new topics in News Submissions forum​
Senior Member Made 20 (or more) posts total, can also:
Moderator Selected by the Staff, can also:
  • Has no time limit wait between posts​
  • Lock / Unlock threads​
  • Access the Premium VIP Members section​
  • Use Private Messaging (Conversations) system​
Developer Selected by the Community, can also:
VIP Member Upgraded users, can also:
Banned Member Broke the Site Rules:
  • Lost access to site and forums for not following the rules​
Below are our current special PSXHAX User Badges also for reference:

User Badge Significance
Verified Member A member who has met ALL the Guest, Registered, Contributor and Member UserGroup requirements above and also has been Verified to access private or restricted areas.
Staff Member Similar to our Authors, these helpful people are here ready to assist others on the forums.
??? More to come...


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