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  1. PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware & PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware WebKit Vulnerability

    This weekend a WebKit: Use-after-free of RenderMathMLToken in CSSCrossfadeValue::crossfadeChanged vulnerability via Project Zero was reported to scene developers and found to be working on PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware and PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware with @zecoxao on Twitter stating, "I think the almighty...
  2. First Custom PS5 Themes with BGM, PS5 Theme Tools, PS5 Payload Loader & PS5PM ELFs

    In PS5 Scene news following the initial Custom BGM & Themes PS4 PKGs, PS4 Theme Sample & Base Template, BD-JB PS5 ELF Loader v1.2 and PS5 System Partition Read / Write (R/W) Payload comes some demonstration videos of the first Custom PS5 Themes including Background Music (BGM) of Hyperdimension...