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In PS5 Scene news following the initial Custom BGM & Themes PS4 PKGs, PS4 Theme Sample & Base Template, BD-JB PS5 ELF Loader v1.2 and PS5 System Partition Read / Write (R/W) Payload comes some demonstration videos of the first Custom PS5 Themes including Background Music (BGM) of Hyperdimension Neptunia Theme v0.9 Beta from Ifaicompa (NepuStation3322's YouTube Channel) alongside a PS5 Just Do It Theme (PS5 BGM Change) from @yyoossk (Twitter / Yyoossk7821's YouTube Channel), a PS5 Elden Ring Custom Theme with PS5 Partition Mount (PS5PM) ELFs from @ifcompass (aka Ifaicompa), demo and Custom PS5 Theme Tools below from @master s9 via Twitter. 🧑‍🎨

Also below is a NMount PS5 System RW Source from Decompiler via @zecoxao on Twitter for those interested in source code examination of the recent PS5 system/system_ex R/W mounting. :geek:

From nmount PS5 system rw source from decompiler
__int64 __fastcall _payload_base(_QWORD *arrayPointer, unsigned int *lengthPointer, __int64 string1, __int64 string2)
  __int64 functionResult; // rax
  _QWORD *str1Ptr; // rbx
  __int64 strdupStr2; // rax
  __int64 strlenStr2; // rax
  int v10; // [rsp+2Ch] [rbp-14h]
  int v11; // [rsp+2Ch] [rbp-14h]

  functionResult = *lengthPointer;
  if ( (int)functionResult >= 0 )
    v10 = *lengthPointer;
    *arrayPointer = realloc(*arrayPointer, 16LL * (int)(*lengthPointer + 2));
    if ( *arrayPointer )
      str1Ptr = (_QWORD *)(*arrayPointer + 16LL * v10);
      *str1Ptr = strdup(string1);
      *(_QWORD *)(*arrayPointer + 16LL * v10 + 8) = strlen(string1) + 1;
      v11 = v10 + 1;
      if ( string2 )
        strdupStr2 = strdup(string2);
        strdupStr2 = 0LL;
      *(_QWORD *)(*arrayPointer + 16LL * v11) = strdupStr2;
      if ( string2 )
        strlenStr2 = strlen(string2) + 1;
        strlenStr2 = 0LL;
      *(_QWORD *)(*arrayPointer + 16LL * v11 + 8) = strlenStr2;
      functionResult = (__int64)lengthPointer;
      *lengthPointer = v11 + 1;
      *lengthPointer = -1;
      return perror("realloc");
  return functionResult;

int __cdecl main(int argc, const char **argv, const char **envp)
  unsigned int v4; // [rsp+4h] [rbp-Ch] BYREF
  __int64 v5; // [rsp+8h] [rbp-8h] BYREF

  v5 = 0LL;
  v4 = 0;
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"fstype", (__int64)"exfatfs");
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"fspath", (__int64)"/system");
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"from", (__int64)"/dev/ssd0.system");
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"large", (__int64)"yes");
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"timezone", (__int64)"static");
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"async", 0LL);
  _payload_base(&v5, &v4, (__int64)"ignoreacl", 0LL);
  if ( !(unsigned int)nmount(v5, v4, 0x10000LL) )
    return 0;
  return 1;
The first custom theme for PS5

PS5 Partition mount (PS5PM) [The first PS5 custom theme]
This payload will mount /preinst /system /system_data /system_ex /system_tmp /update partition directory as R/W
  • ELF & Theme Downloads: PS5 partition mount & custom theme (PS5 partition mount & custom (108 MB) - includes PS5 Single Partition Mount Payloads: preinst.elf, system.elf, system_ex.elf and update.elf with PS5PM_v1.1.elf alongside Theme files PS5 Hyperdimension Neptunia Theme and PS5 Hyperdimension Neptunia Theme
  • Source code from: John Tornblom <3
PS5 Just Do It Theme
PS5 ELDEN RING Custom Theme via @nepustation3322
  • PS5 partition mount & custom (185 MB - includes getpid.elf, mntinfo.elf, PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader v1.2.iso, remount.elf, preinst.elf, system.elf, system_ex.elf, update.elf, PS5PM_v1.1.elf, PS5 ELDEN RING Theme, PS5 Hyperdimension Neptunia Theme and PS5 Hyperdimension Neptunia Theme
  • Theme file can be directly overwritten into the corresponding directory to take effect (y)
PS5 Chainsaw Man Makima Custom Theme via @yyoossk (@yyoossk7821's YouTube Channel)
PS5 Payload Loader
  • Payload⭐.zip (3.1 MB - includes preinst.elf, PS5PM_v1.1.elf, system.elf, system_ex.elf, update.elf, hardware_information.elf, list_all_files.elf, list_logs.elf, pipe_pirate.elf and process_view.elf)
PS5 Theme Cyberpunk 2077
PS5 Theme God of War Ragnarok - Raiden
PS5 Theme God of War - BurningRage
Download: PS5ThemesTools (Latest Version) / PS5.ThemesTools_Cyberpunk2077_V1.04.7z (225 MB) / PS5Themes_GodofWarRagnarok+Font_V1.0.5.7z (394 MB) / GIT
PS5 Partition Mount v1.2 (PS5PM v1.2)
First Custom PS5 Themes with Background Music (BGM) Demos.jpg


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