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  1. Keeperdy

    PS4 Exploit Host for 5.05 HEN Payloads Offline Without ESP8266

    Hi, guys! Following my ESP8266 PS4 Payloads Host and the recent Team Psyco0s 5.05 GTA V Mod Menu, PS4 PayLoad Sender 5.05 and Lamance 0.8 & GTAV Trainer updates there is now a way to make your PS4 HEN payloads being hosted OFFLINE in browser cache. :ninjaxf2: It's based on application cache as...
  2. Installing Heavy Rain / Older LIC.DAT Titles on PS3 4.81 OFW Guide

    Similar to the Exclusive Methods used for 'problem' PlayStation 3 games and following the PS3 Game Backup Injection with CFW2OFW Helper v3, here's a quick guide spotted by @RLC to install older PS3 LIC.DAT (Generator) titles including Heavy Rain with the PlayStation Move controller working on...