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  1. PS4 P8: Emulator to Run PICO-8 Cartridge Games on PlayStation 4

    Over the weekend developer Voliva released a work-in-progress PS4 P8 v0.3.0 PKG followed by PS4 P8 v0.3.1 PKG bringing the PICO-8 fantasy console emulator for making, sharing and playing games and other computer programs to those in the PlayStation 4 Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 console. 🕹️...
  2. PPlay v3.8 Video Player with PS4 Support PKG by Cpasjuste, v3.9 / v4.0 Compiled by PSBax4

    Proceeding his OpenTyrian Homebrew Game Port PS4 PKG and PEMU Portable FinalBurn Neo Emulator PS4 PKG, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Cpasjuste recently updated the pPlay video player for Nintendo Switch in his Github repository with a pPlay v3.6 PS4 PKG adding PlayStation 4 support for...