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  1. PS3 Game Backup Injection (4.70 & Below) with CFW2OFW Helper Guide

    Following the recent PlayStation 3 CFW2OFW Helper homebrew utility release, @DerfJagged let us know HERE that he's shared an updated PS3 Game Backup Injection guide using the CFW2OFW Helper tool for consoles on 4.70 Firmware and below. Check out the PS3 Backup Injection tutorial below from...
  2. CFW2OFW Helper to Convert PS3 CFW Games to OFW by FriendlyAnon

    Since the last KDW CFW2OFW v1.2 update, PlayStation 3 developer friendlyanon (aka helloiamsomeone and known as @Kusu here) recently made available CFW2OFW Helper v1 including source code for those Converting PS3 CFW Games to OFW with an ongoing PS3 CFW2OFW Compatibility thread by @nikitaluger...