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  1. R0rke

    PS4 Downgrader / Downgrading newbie questions

    hi guys i have CUH-1000 Fat PS4 with latest update (4.70) 1. did you guys expect downgrader on ps4 ? if yes just go on 2. want to know how to this downgrader stuff will work ? 3. is the firmware important for downgrading ? 4. if i continue my Update cause of (PS Plus Multiplayer) am i having...
  2. juansbeck

    PlayStation 4 Glitch Pinout, PS4 Slim / Pro Downgrading Update

    Following the PS4 Linux 33c3 Demo and the start of a community-driven PS4Webkit Project, today I (@juansbeck on Twitter aka HybridComputers) am continuing from my UniversalFlash App work-in-progress bringing an update on the PlayStation 4 glitch pinout used by Marcan and the possibility to...