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  1. Making Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG's Guide by Panzah1488

    This is a guide from @Panzah1488 (tested by both @jwooh and @Broka) on how to make permanent PS4 Themes using official PKG files for those interested. (y) Permanent PS4 Retail Themes with Unlocker PKGs Collection Here's what you do if you want permanent PlayStation 4 Themes, or follow the...
  2. PS2 Legacy Dashboard Dynamic PS4 Theme Demos by Truant Pixel

    If you've been around long enough to remember Sony's PlayStation 2, you may be interested in checking out this PS2 Legacy Dashboard Dynamic PS4 Theme by Truant Pixel with some demo videos of it below! :D It was created for Sony Interactive Entertainment, and according to the developer will be...