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  1. SilicaAndPina PS4 Web Browser Crash Webpage Demo

    Following the PS4 JailBreak ROP Tool release yesterday and many PS4 WebKit Crash videos, today PlayStation 4 developer @SilicaAndPina ran across another which she linked on her page as a proof-of-concept with a demo below! :closedeyesmile: Not to be confused with the PlayStation 4...
  2. PS4 HENkaku Exploit: PlayStation 4 3.55 Code Execution by Fire30!

    Following the initial release, decryption tutorials and reverse-engineering, PlayStation 4 developer Fire30 (who did the PS4 Webkit Exploit 2.XX PoC) has ported the PlayStation 4 HENkaku exploit allowing PS4 3.55 code execution! (y) Download: / GIT From...