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  1. PSFree WebKit Exploit for PS4 6.00 to 9.60 & QuickHEN PS4 Incoming

    This weekend PS4 Scene developer @CelesteBlue announced on Twitter news of a PSFree WebKit Exploit for PS4 6.00 to 9.60 crediting Sergei Glazunov and Maddie Stone (Twitter) of Project Zero for discovering the vulnerability, anonymous for writing the PSFree Exploit and himself for testing...
  2. DualSense Controller Side Haptic Feedback Project & CVE-2022-22620 Testing

    Since the DualSense Controller Teardown, Faceplate Removal for Modding, PS5 Controller Firmware Dump and DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Updater PC App modder @Doyle444 (Doyle477493545 on Twitter) announced his latest project is adding side haptic feedback in the DualSense Controller...