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  1. MTX Key PS4 Jailbreak ModChip Demonstration Video

    Since the MATRiX Key Installation Overview here comes another MTX Key PS4 Jailbreak ModChip demonstration video from my YouTube Channel courtesy of which has also been added to the Reseller Listing now. :coolxf2: I have tried it personally and it works 100% with a rough translation...
  2. MTX Key for PS4 Slim / Pro Firmware 4.72, English Install Manual

    Following yesterday's MTX Key Video comes another lackluster demonstration of the MTX Key that supports PlayStation 4 Slim and PS4 Pro on PS4 Firmware 4.72, this time from Firstsing China's YouTube Channel which also offers a plethora of (you guessed it folks) FIDGET SPINNERS!!! :roflxf2: If...