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  1. Bypassing PS5 Browser Protection via JavaScript Execution & PS4Scene Updates!

    PS4Scene group DUPLEX released Another 15 PS4 FPKGs added to yesterday's 10 PS4 Fake Packages outlined HERE, while darkside revealed the PS5 Web Browser that Sony attempted to hide can not only Run WebMSX (Metal Gear) and RetroArch Web Player but is also capable of bypassing the PS5 Browser...
  2. PS4 6.72 Exploit Menu Updates by Leeful74, PlayStation Bounty by TheFloW

    Following his PS4 6.72 Jailbreak Exploit Menu & PS-Phwoar! Host Menu Demo, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @Leeful (Leeful74 on Twitter) recently shared some new PS4 6.72 Exploit Menu Updates including v9a / v9b Menus, PS-Phwoar! For 6.72, some New Features and a v6 Mod with the latest...

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