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  1. PlayStation 3 Browser Investigation for PS3 Devs by Cakehonolulu

    As work began porting the PS3 WebKitSploit and PS3 Playground, @cakehonolulu let us know in the Shoutbox of a write-up he did recently Investigating the PS3 Browser on Github for PlayStation 3 developers. :thumbup: Those interested can check out the article in it's entirety HERE, and to quote...
  2. PS3 WebKitSploit and PS3 Playground WIP Github Forks by Esc0rtd3w

    Following his PS3 OFW PSID Dump Tool Tutorial and recent d0 / d1 pdb file findings PlayStation 3 developer @esc0rtd3w (Twitter) set up some new work-in-progress Github forks for a PS3 WebKitSploit and PS3 Playground port. :ninjaxf2: Download: / PS3 WebKitSploit GIT /...