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  1. Jeff

    Xstation: The XBox One / PS4 Combo Console Demo by Ed's Junk

    Following his PlayBook 4 S & PlayBook 4 Pro PS4 Slim laptop mods Eddie Zarick (YouTube Channel) is back with an Xstation demonstration of his XBox One / PS4 Combo console! :geekxf2: To quote from his blog Ed's Junk on this latest creation: "Hey everyone! I wanted to share my newest project! The...
  2. PS4 Pro (NEO) Teardown by PlayStation 4 Console Modder Ben Heck

    We've seen Sony's official PlayStation 4 Pro Disassembly videos, and now the popular console modder Ben Heck has done his own PS4 Pro (NEO) Teardown for those interested! :biggrinxf2: Check it out below, and from the video's caption to quote: "Ben tears apart a PlayStation 4 Pro and compares it...