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  1. Docker PS4 ELF / OELF / SELF / Test PKG by OrbisDev via FJTrujy

    Proceeding the PS4 PKG Sender Docker Compose Web Server UI, Dockerizing Al-Azif's PS4 Exploit Host for LAN and the Orbis Libs Gen PS4 Symbols Stub Generator PlayStation 4 homebrew developer fjtrujy made available via Twitter a Docker PS4 ELF / OELF / SELF / Test PKG on the OrbisDev Github...
  2. Hitodama PS4*** ELFLoader with PS4 Kernel ELF Loading and Hooking

    Following his previous work, PlayStation 4 developer Hitodama has updated the PS4SDK ELFLoader with basic PS4 kernel ELF loading and hooking among other updates according to his recent tweets below. Download: / / / PS4Dev GIT /...