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  1. mc711

    Final Fantasy VII Remake 720p 60FPS Patch and PS4 FPKG Mod

    Proceeding the previously released PS4 Patches, PS4Scene game modder @illusion0001 (Twitter) recently updated Github with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake 60FPS Patch and some new demo videos from his YouTube Channel. šŸ˜ This comes following an Uncharted 4 540p 60FPS PS4 Custom Resolution Patch (Blog...
  2. SOGKush420

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy PS4 FPKG Mod by SOGKush420

    Hi guys, just wanted to share a Spyro Reignited Trilogy PS4 FPKG Mod I made for this game with anyone in the PlayStation 4 Scene who wants it. :) Freeflight-Mod + more (keyboard needed) CUSA12085 based on DUPLEX PKG (Spyro.Reignited.Trilogy.PROPER.PS4-DUPLEX) Just install as normal PKG and...
  3. GrimDoe

    PS4 MK XL Modding 4.05 / 4.55 Demo Videos by GrimDoe

    As we all know by now there have been a lot of great progress within the PS4 community thanks to the kernel exploits and F-PKG's and so on.... bring on the PS4 4.05 & 4.55 Fake PKG modding! Now it's Mortal Kombat XL time to shine on the PS4 :) Following my MKXL Player Switch Intros (PoC) here...