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  1. mc711

    Final Fantasy VII Remake 720p 60FPS Patch and PS4 FPKG Mod

    Proceeding the previously released PS4 Patches, PS4Scene game modder @illusion0001 (Twitter) recently updated Github with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake 60FPS Patch and some new demo videos from his YouTube Channel. šŸ˜ This comes following an Uncharted 4 540p 60FPS PS4 Custom Resolution Patch (Blog...
  2. PS4PKGVerifier 1.1 GUI App to Verify PS4 PKG Integrity by Unknownqx

    Inspired by PS4 PKG Integrity Checker from @MagicSeb, today PlayStation 4 developer @unknownqx shared a PC application he calls PS4PKGVerifier 1.0 followed by v1.1, v1.2 that can be used to verify PS4 PKG integrity on multiple files with an improved GUI, v1.3 and PS4PKGVerifier 1.4 with more...
  3. OpenGL ES for PS4 Writeup and PlayStation 4 GL Test by Flat_z

    This past week we saw some Tweets from @zecoxao on Twitter of OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) for PS4 homebrew in development, and today PlayStation 4 developer @flatz made available an OpenGL ES for PS4 Writeup and PlayStation 4 GL Test on Twitter which can also be found below. :notworthyxf2...

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