1. PS4 Jailbreak question that I need answered

    i'm currently running the latest update on the ps4 and I keep coming across this usb jailbreak for it is it real or a fake ? if it's real where can I find the actual file without surveys and two will I lose any of my saved data if I don't back it up before jailbreaking it Thanks in advance
  2. PS4 Jailbreak / Dlclose Exploit / WebKit Playground / JailBreakMe Links

    This is to consolidate all the Sticky thread links in one post containing the PS4 Jailbreak / Dlclose Exploit / WebKit Playground / JailBreakMe Links: PS4 Jailbreak: STATUS PS4 3.55 File Browser by TheoryWrong PS4 Dlclose Exploit for Firmware 1.01 Now Fully Implemented! PS4 Dlclose Exploit for...
  3. Hitodama PS4*** ELFLoader with PS4 Kernel ELF Loading and Hooking

    Following his previous work, PlayStation 4 developer Hitodama has updated the PS4*** ELFLoader with basic PS4 kernel ELF loading and hooking among other updates according to his recent tweets below. Download: elfloader-master.zip / ps4***-master.zip / ps4***-examples-master.zip / PS4Dev GIT /...