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  1. A Way Out Joins the New PlayStation 4 Game Releases Next Week

    It looks like next week is jailbreak week for PlayStation 4 fans as they spring from prison in co-op adventure title A Way Out heading to PS4 on March 23rd. :laughxf2: Here's a summary of what else is coming to PlayStation for the week of March 20th, 2018 courtesy of Sony Social Media Senior...
  2. PS4 Root Privilege Escalation & Prison Break / Sandbox Break PoC

    Yesterday we reported news of PS4 Dlclose Root Privilege Escalation, and today PlayStation 4 developer BigBoss returns bringing a PS4 proof-of-concept with LibPS4 / PS4Link / PS4SH Dlclose root privilege escalation and prison break plus sandbox break! :D From GitHub: [PS4][INFO]...