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  1. New PS4 Game FPKGs Hit the PlayStation 4 Scene for October 2021

    Sometimes life goes by quickly, as the last surge of PS4 Game FPKGs in the PlayStation 4 Scene was back in August with just a few September PS4 FPKG Games alongside a handful of PS2 to PS4 PKGs released... but thanks to groups MOEMOE, PiKMiN and UNLiMiTED below is a new round for use with...
  2. Latest PS4 FPKGs (Fake Package Games) Arrive in the PS4Scene

    Here's the latest PS4 FPKGs (Fake Package Games) to arrive in the PS4Scene following the previous update from groups MOEMOE and UNLiMiTED, for use with the homebrew enabler GoldHEN v1.1 šŸ¤ on Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles! šŸ˜ƒ As always, we'll continue to update this article adding the related...

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