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  1. PS4Brew 5.05 for ESP32 and ESP8266 Devices by CelliesProjects

    Earlier this week we saw a decked out PS4 AIO Offline 5.05 Exploit Playground, and recently CelliesProjects made available what he calls PS4Brew 5.05 for ESP32 and ESP8266 devices in 5.05 jailbreaking aimed at PlayStation 4 minimalists. :geekxf2: Prior to PS4Brew 5.05 for ESP32 / ESP8266, he's...
  2. PS4Brew 4.55 Full PS4 Jailbreak, 4.55 Debug Settings Payload Ports

    Since the PS4 4.55 Kernel Exploit release followed by the PS4 5.01 WebKit Exploit, PlayStation 4 developer @SpecterDev made available on Twitter a fully implemented Cryptogenic PS4 4.55 Kernel Exploit akin to his previous one in that it doesn't contain code related to defeating anti-backups...