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  1. master s9

    PS5-PS4Tools: Send Payloads to PS5 / PS4 & PS5-PS4SendPKG / PS5-PS4PKGSender

    Proceeding my PS4 Payload Sender, Mini PS4 Payload App and previous updates comes the latest version of PS5-PS4Tools which is a tool to send payloads to both PS5 / PS4 consoles alongside PS5-PS4SendPKG and PS5-PS4PKGSender with further details below. :cool: Download: PS5-PS4Toolsv1.0.9.rar...
  2. PS4 Tools Homebrew v1.33 (Xmas Edition) for 9.00, PS4 Toolset by SAandTech

    Hohoho! Merry Catur... Christmas everyone! :santa: Since his previous revision, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @TheDarkprograme (aka xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx) released a special PS4 Tools Homebrew v1.33 (Xmas Edition) featuring 9.00 support via Twitter and more updates outlined below! :tree:šŸŽ...