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  1. Latest ITMania PS4 Linux Distribution Updates for PlayStation 4

    Proceeding their Internal PS4 HDD Linux Installation video, the IT Mania YouTube Channel folks recently released some noteworthy ITMania Linux Updates for PS4 including the latest emulators, Vulkan drivers and Kodi / Steam support among others for both retrogaming and running newer games such as...
  2. Installing Linux on Internal PS4 Hard Drive (HDD) 5.05 Loader Payload

    Following his recent Gentoo PS4 and Ubuntu PS4 Beta Builds, today @cedsaill4 shared on Twitter a PS505_normal.bin 5.05 Loader Payload by @mircohoooo (aka Mircoho on Twitter) for installing Linux on the internal PS4 hard disk drive (HDD) alongside a demonstration video from IT Mania below! šŸ§...

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