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  1. Obliteration: Experimental PS4 Emulator by Ultimaweapon Based on Kyty

    Based on the ongoing Kyty PS4 / PS5 Emulator project, an experimental PlayStation 4 emulator written in Rust called Obliteration is also in development by ultimaweapon (sponsor Putta Khunchalee <3) allowing for PS4 Scene homebrew application testing via the previously released PS Scene Quiz PKG...
  2. LightningMods

    PS4 PUP_Decrypt & PUP_Unpack: Decrypt / Unpack PS4 Updates by IDC

    We've seen PS4 UserModules Decryption, PS4 Game PKG Decryption and a PS4 Trophies Resigning Tutorial and now PlayStation 4 developer IDC (reminiscent of IDC scripts used to automate IDA's Interactive Disassembler) made available PUP_Decrypt and PUP_Unpack homebrew utilities to decrypt and unpack...