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Today must be PlayStation Vita news day here, as PS Vita developer The Flow announced the release of PS VitaShell 0.5 with source code and details below.

Download: VitaShell.velf / BitBucket Repo / GIT

VitaShell is an alternative replacement of the PS Vita's LiveArea. It offers you a file browser, homebrew launcher, built-in FTP, network host feature and much more!

In order to run / compile VitaShell you need
Changelog 0.5
  • Increased homebrew force-exit compatbility and stability.
  • Added network host mountpoint.
  • Added ability to compile shader programs (use the suffix for vertexes and for fragments).
  • Finished photo viewer. Use the right analog stick to zoom in/out. Left analog stick to move. L/R to rotate and X/O to change display mode.
  • Updated to newest vita2dlib which fixed many bugs with images.
  • Improved 'New folder' by extending to 'New folder (X)', where 'X' is an increasing number.
  • Improved message dialog texts.
  • Limited filenames so it doesn't overlap with the size/folder text.
  • Fixed infinite loop when copying the src to its subfolder by an error result.
  • Fixed FTP client crashes and added support for Turboclient Android.
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting, finally.


Niclas Wadman

Vitashell 1.5x has USB mass storage transfer support. should be nice if we could dump games directly from ps vita to computer. I have i few memcards that are fully packed with games. No room to dump them..


Staff Member
VitaShell 1.60 is released from TheFloW (GIT) with the changes below:
VitaShell v1.60

Changelog 1.60
  • Added ability to mount uma0: and ability to use uma0: as ux0:.
  • Added ability to mount game card as usb device.
  • Added possibility to refresh the livearea.
  • Added scrolling text for long filenames.
  • Added 'Sort by' option to context menu (R trigger combo removed).
  • Added 'Electron' theme by Acemad, the winner of the VitaShell theme contest.
  • Added theme selector.
  • Improved property dialog animation.
  • Fixed text editor bugs.
  • Fixed bug where USB cable wasn't recognized.
  • Fixed bug where VitaShell left to livearea after deleting the updater.
  • Removed battery icon in status bar for PSTV.
  • File statistics are now inherited when copying.
  • I/O operations speed will now be showed in KB/s.
  • Made control smoother.
:arrow: VitaShell 1.61 is released from TheFloW (GIT) with the changes below:
VitaShell v1.61

Changelog 1.61

  • Fixed database corruption crash by inheriting 'calendar', 'mms' and 'mtp' when mounting USB ux0:.
  • Fixed bug where insufficent memory dialog appeared on uma0:.
  • Fixed bug where pressing triangle crashed if unsafe mode was disabled.
:arrow: VitaShell 1.62 is released from TheFloW (GIT) with the changes below:

VitaShell v1.62

Changelog 1.62
  • Fixed bug where the cursor was moving too fast when the headphone was plugged in.


Staff Member
Here are some more VitaShell revisions from TheFloW (GIT) with the changelogs below:

:arrow: VitaShell v1.7

Changelog 1.7
  • Added QR Code scanner and file downloader by cxziaho (press L+R to open the camera).
  • Added option in 'More->' to open applications in decrypted mode (bypass PFS). Thanks to frangarcj.
  • Added ability to mount sd2vita and psvsd as usb device.
  • Fixed bug where 'imc0:' could not be mounted if the Memory Card was not available.
  • Fixed bug where accessing the settings menu crashed if there was no Memory Card available.
  • Fixed bug where automatic usb connection was not blocked, after leaving and resuming VitaShell.
  • PS TV will now always open FTP when pressing SELECT.
:arrow: VitaShell v1.71

Changelog 1.71
  • Fixed pvsd usb device mounting.
  • Fixed bug where uma0: options were grayed out on non PS TV models.
  • Fixed bug where the QR code scanner showed the result twice.
:arrow: VitaShell v1.72

Changelog 1.72
  • Fixed pfs mounting bug where you could not export files from specific folders.
  • Fixed bug where files from https could not be downloaded using QR code.
  • Fixed bug with pvsd usb device mounting where microSD could not be found.
:arrow: VitaShell 1.73

Changelog 1.73
  • Fixed crash when you pressed triangle in the home menu.
:arrow: VitaShell v1.74

Changelog 1.74
  • Fixed QR download and C2-13696-5 error.


Staff Member
VitaShell 1.77 followed by a quick v1.78 bugfix is released from TheFloW (GIT) with the changes below:

VitaShell v1.77

Changelog 1.77
  • Added archive support for .7z, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and more by using libarchive.
  • Improved archive file system (opening archives should now be much faster).
  • Fixed keyboard freeze after using it multiple times.
  • Fixed file browser cursor correction.
  • Fixed Electron theme visual glitch and added new settings look (thanks to Acemad).
:arrow: VitaShell v1.78

Changelog 1.78
  • Fixed bug where archives > 2GB couldn't be opened.
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