1. PS4 BD Driveless Updating 4.74 (No BD) to 5.05 Patch Updater Method

    Lucian96, I bought a PS4 Slim last year on black friday, precisely because of a possible jailbreak past 5.05, never happened, it worked total for 2 hours the most in all this year, I have given up, the console is inside a cabinet wrapped for not collecting dust. I also own some games, but all...
  2. Locating a Jailbreakable PS4 5.05 / 5.07 Firmware Console in 2019

    @Tar You're not the only one, what a disappointing purchase I had, hopes of a release of 5.55 jailbreak with more than a year delay.
  3. PS4 System Software / Firmware 7.00 is Now Live, Don't Update!

    It would be great to at least 5.55 Jailbreak would be out, we are almost at black friday, new consoles will be with this new 7.00 firmware, too bad no new releases after 5.05, emulation on PS4 would develop more and more
  4. PS4 Firmware / System Software 7.00 Arrives This Week, Don't Update!

    Still have a brand new PS4 Slim bought last black friday, which worked all this time maybe less than 2 hours of its lifespan, with firmware 5.55, always read of a JailBreak release, which would be probably released in the beginning of this year, I have given up, I had just wrap the console and...