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  1. Load Two PS4 Backup Games with Fixed 1.76 Payload by ZeraTron

    All right, we've seen an overview of the OMSK App, How to Install PS4 OMSK on 1.76 consoles and an updated Kernel_Hooks.elf that supports loading games and homebrew from USB... put them together to form Voltron and we now have a fixed payload from PlayStation 4 developer @ZeraTron on Twitter...
  2. Fedora Linux on PS4 1.76 with Debug Settings & Steam by EdiTzZ MoDz

    We've covered several PS4 Linux Guides and Progress in recent months detailing How to Install Steam on PS4 Linux, and now PlayStation 4 modder EdiTzZ MoDz of shared a video demonstration of Fedora Linux on PS4 1.76 featuring PS4 Debug Settings and Steam. :thumbsupxf2: He also has a...