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All right, we've seen an overview of the OMSK App, How to Install PS4 OMSK on 1.76 consoles and an updated Kernel_Hooks.elf that supports loading games and homebrew from USB... put them together to form Voltron and we now have a fixed payload from PlayStation 4 developer @ZeraTron on Twitter that allows loading two PS4 game backups! :love:

Download: kernel_hooks (467 KB)

From his Tweets below, to quote: Allow you to load 2 backups, one in OMSK, and second on Playroom. set them up like that /data/CUSA0010 and CUSA00200.

Playroom will boot CUSA00100 and OMSK CUSA00200.

Cheers to @B7U3 C50SS for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this early morning! :beer:
Load Two PS4 Backup Games with Fixed 1.76 Payload by ZeraTron.jpg



Senior Member
do you have games to share ?? Because I do not have one, I would like a game up ofw 1.76 for technical tests please thanks to you


French Developer ( Ps unban, PSN access, PSID )
this technical has been known for more than a year old but it is not rendered since the payload was published. On the other hand the list of games is not huge. Patient should arrive for christmas.

Sorry for my english, i'm french

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