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  1. SFlash0Unpack: Unpack SFlash0 Files in PS4 Flash Dumps by Zecoxao

    Previously we've seen guides on How to Obtain Your PS4 SFlash alongside some example file dumps, and today developer @zecoxao shared on Twitter SFlash0Unpack which is a script to unpack sflash0 files from PS4 flash dumps for PlayStation 4 scene devs to examine followed by a PS4 SFlash0 Tool by...
  2. BwE

    BwE PS4 NOR Validator by BetterWayElectronics

    Hello! Since my BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.00 release followed by v1.1, v1.1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.3.1, v1.3.3, v1.3.5, v1.3.8, v1.4 / v1.4.1, v1.4.2, v1.4.4, v1.4.5, v1.4.6 / v1.4.7 and v1.4.9 this program is the full version of my PS4 NOR Validator... it is designed solely to validate the NOR flash...

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