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Hello! Since my BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.00 release followed by v1.1, v1.1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.3.1, v1.3.3, v1.3.5, v1.3.8, v1.4 / v1.4.1, v1.4.2, v1.4.4, v1.4.5, v1.4.6 / v1.4.7 and v1.4.9 with more updates below this program is the full version of my PS4 NOR Validator... it is designed solely to validate the NOR flash of your PS4 console from Better Way Electronics alongside a BwE SerialReader Python Script below!

Download: BwE_PS4_NOR_Validator.rar (Latest Version - UnRAR Password: BwE) / PS4 NOR Validator GIT / BwE PS4 NOR Extractor / PS4 NOR Extractor GIT / (includes / BwE SerialReader GIT / BwE Console Repair Discord Channel / BwE_Dev on Twitter

From the Better Way Electronics - PS4 NOR Validator

This program is the release version of my PS4 NOR Validator, it is designed solely to validate the NOR flash of your PS4 console!

Why would you need to do this? Well if your console has suddenly died and has what is called the 'BLOD', the NOR can be the reason why. Using my program will allow you to validate literally every single byte of the NOR (or over 2100 specific areas) - allowing you to see where or if it is corrupted.

The most common area of corruption that causes the BLOD is the CID. Some areas of this section can actually be repaired, if you're lucky! I and others have done this! Don't forget to use my Comparator tool to help you understand what the difference is for a specific section of the NOR. It will help you with patching!

Other areas can be inter-changed between different consoles and are more suited for repair, the WiFi/BT module is a good example of this.

So fundamentally, this program is for console repairers like myself. If you are indeed a repairer and run a business I can make a custom 'bulk' version for you! But for now, feel free to put multiple *.bin files in the working directory as my program will provide a selection menu.

I am also happy to give advice on your NOR or help interpret your results, just post on the forum or give me an email. If you can bypass my filter, send me a link to your NOR!

If you encounter any errors or weird results - or better yet if your NOR is labeled danger in any areas, but still runs fine - let me know!

Keep in mind the CoreOS and other large encrypted areas could still be corrupt regardless of the results (I cant check every byte in an encrypted section, hence alt validations). This program is NOT perfect, but it is WAY better than just using a hex editor or never truly knowing if your BLOD is caused by the NOR!

This also goes above and beyond that of the psdevwiki page regarding the main flash of the PS4 (Thank you cfwprpht).


Will this fix my BLOD?

Well yes and no, if there are sections that are corrupt it is possible to patch it with valid data from another PS4 - but NOT perconsole data!

Will this prove my BLOD is software based?

Yes, if the dump comes up 100% valid then it is likely a hardware issue - I recommend enabling UART and seeing its output.

Menu Options:

1 - Comparison

Launches the comparison app, used for the bulk diagnosis and comparison of dumps (Put multiple .bin files in the same directory). Features multiple output options.

1. Compare Offsets
2. Compare Offsets MD5
3. Compare Offsets Entropy
4. Double Offset Comparison
5. Dynamic MD5 Calculation
6. Compare File MD5
7. Compare File Entropy & Byte Count

2 - Patch (/Patches/)

Designed to load .bin patches from the /patches/ directory. It will interpret and auto locate patch offsets if they've been extracted by my program. If not it will ask for a start address.

3 - Patch Corrupt CoreOS (SU-30631-3 Error)

Basically an automated version of what Andrew Paul suggests. It will scan the CoreOS and patch the corrupt sections within about 1 second.
For some strange reason, if your ps4 core os gets corrupted, and displays the error SU-30631-3, you can "fix" it by just patching the region with random garbage, and then attempting to update. this means that the coreos isn't hashed in snvs.

3 - Enable/Disable UART or IDU Mode

Enabling/Disabling the UART flag within the PS4 - Will work without the need to jailbreak. If this does not work check the UNK UART Flag status and email me!

4 - Extract (BwE Style)

Extract based on literal files and does so dynamically based on their size

5 - Extract (Zecoxao Style)

Extracting file sections pursuant to Sony's file blocks

6 - Validate

Pretty obvious, will scan the entire dump from start to finish and produce a readable validation output in HTML format


As of 1.5.5 there is a feature to upload your dump directly to me. These dumps will be used to improve the validation of this program. It is kinda slow in uploading so please be patient!

Users who abuse this system may be banned from this application and or future updates of it.

Regarding v!rus detection, these are 100% false-positives. The reason for this is because I protect my program prior to distribution. The same methodology used to protect my program is the same as what some people use to make v!ruses undetected. Which is unfortunate. I have done my best to reduce the amount of detections and as of 1.6.3 it has dropped significantly. But it is not perfect. For it to be perfect I would have to buy access to better programs, which I cannot afford.

So! If you still have any fears I suggest you upload my program to an v!rus sandbox for analysis. If so desire you can buy an unmodified or custom version of my program (bulk scanning abilities etc).


Version History:

2.1.4 (6/3/23) Critical Bug Fix In Downgrade Patches (Whoops)
2.1.3 (5/3/23) Upgraded/Reworked System Patch Handling & Validation (Important Update!), Added New UNK Validation, Won't Ask For UART @ End If Already Enabled!
2.1.2 (5/3/23) Added x2 Additional Downgrade Patches, Fixed SAMU Boot Flag, Increased Memory CLK to 2250mhz (Samsung HC-25 Recommended), Modified Serial Reader (Removed .BIN Output), Renamed to UART Reader
2.1.1 (3/3/23) Critical Bug Fix In Syscon Patcher
2.1.0 (2/3/23) Added SAMU Boot Flag and Memory Clock Speed Editing (Can Potentially Fix LoadBios/Memory Issues), Added x2 Additional Syscon Patches, Removed Southbridge Patch From Main Patch Option (Only Use For SB FW Errors), Patching Bug
2.0.9 (1/3/23) Small Bug Fixes, Trial Removed
2.0.8 (23/2/23) Syscon Patcher Update (Will Also Fix Closing Bug)
2.0.7 (21/2/23) Further Bug Fixes (Bug Testing Sucks), Added Flags to CID, Updated UNK Validation, Updated Unlisted Results, More Unique Values Thanks To Thailand PS4's, Updated 4 Year Old Validations (Wow).
2.0.6 (20/2/23) Bug Fixes For Bug Fixes, Better Handling of Trial Users.
2.0.5 (19/2/23) Bug Fixes to HWID Handling (Also Updated HWID Generator), Bug Fixes to Syscon Patcher, Some Validation Changes/Upgrades
2.0.4 (13/2/23) Improved Validation, Preparing For Auto Corruption Repair (Some Areas), Added Unlisted Results, New Flags CID/UNK, Other Mild Changes.
2.0.3 (7/2/23) Improved Syscon Auto Patching (Less Chance Of Manual Patching) (Still Beta! Report All Syscon Patch Issues!), Fixed Potentially Broken Trial Mode + HWID Stuff,  Fixed Other Patching Issues.
2.0.2 (4/2/23) Vital Update to Southbridge & CoreOS Patching (For FAT Models), New Update Handling Process, Other Mild Fixes
2.0.1 (31/1/23) Updated Syscon Patcher (Less Manual Patching (Still Beta)), Significant Updates to UNK, CID, Naming Schemes and Flags, Added MANU (Manufacturer Mode (Service Mode (Old FW Only)) Mode, Safe Mode, Memory Test, RNG/Keystorage Test, X and O Button Swap & Multi Patches, Added EAP Reverse Patch (Use If First Fails), Better File Handling & Messages.
2.0.0 (20/1/23) Added UART Patching To CoreOS/Southbridge Patcher, Added Bulk CoreOS/SB Patching (1-4 or 1-2), Added Per File Entropy Pursuant To Sony's File Structure, Improved Syscon File Handling, Bundled Serial Reader Application (Auto Detects COM Port then Reads & Auto-saves Serial as ASCII (.txt) or Hex (.bin)).
1.9.9 (8/1/23) Added Syscon Firmware Validation, Better EAP Key Validations, Better UNK Validations, Added EAP Key Repair (Panic EAP Key Not Available Error/Corrupt UNK Section), Fixed v1.xx Version Errors.
1.9.8 (5/1/23) Update to CoreOS/SB Patching, Added Unlisted Results, Added New Validations, Updated Internal Comparator
1.9.7 (28/12/22) Serious Bug Fix In Syscon Patching.
1.9.6 (28/12/22) Significant Changes To Syscon Patching (Still Beta - Expect More Updates) - Some Manual Patching Explicitly Required (Soon To Be Auto).
1.9.5 (26/12/22) Reworking of CoreOS/Southbridge Patching (Avoids BlStorageHeader Errors), Improved Auto-Patching Syscon (If You Still Have CheckUpdVersion Errors Let Me Know!)
1.9.4 (24/12/22) Bugfix in Syscon Scanning (<= 0 Length Slot1 Crashing App), Bundled External HWID Generator App (Auto Copies HWID to Clipboard!)
1.9.3 (22/12/22) Updated Syscon Scanning & Patching (Still Considered Beta)
1.9.2 (20/12/22) Added Syscon Auto & Manual Patching (Beta), Added Syscon Service Mode Patch Scanning (No Auto-Patching Yet), Massive Changes to Syscon Scanning, Updated Extractor, Added Unlisted/New Validations (FW 10+), UNK Changes, Added New SKU (OMG! 7218C From THAILAND!), Added Mercy For Trial Users (No Files? Try Again!), New Boot Logo & HTML Graphics, Fixed Failure Message
1.9.1 (24/11/22) Added Syscon Patch Scanning (No Auto-Patching Yet - 1.9.2+) Includes: Syscon Slot Discovery, Syscon Active Slot Discovery, Syscon Patchable Area & Slot Discovery, Syscon Upload. Also: Improved Validations, Improved Code Structure
1.9.0 (16/11/22) Added Licensing (Trial Executions = 1 (Suitable For Non-Business Use), Improved Licensing Handling, New Min Version 1.9,0, Improved Result Handling, Fixed Crashing & Incompatibility, Added CoreOS Swapping + Southbridge Flag Patching (Added Bespoke, Predetermined Patching), Added Secondary Methodology For CoreOS Swap, Added Improved CoreOS Interpretation/Validation, Added UserIDs, Improved File Handling including the /Dumps/ Sub-directory Traversal, Improved Validation of PerConsole Areas, Updated Comparator (Filter by SKU/Version/Both).
1.8.8 (5/6/22) Updated Readme, Fixed Offsets MD5 Comparison, Added Highlighting, Added Unlisted Hashes, Added: Update Mode, Show Mode (TestKit), Registry Recover, Software Version (Old/Useless) and Arcade Mode Flags & Patches (Except Show & Software Version).
1.8.7 (13/4/22) Added Three New v9.50 WiFi/BT FWs, Added Unlisted Results, Added Region Information
1.8.6 (18/3/22) Bug Fix (Crash After Launch If Online), Added New WiFi/BT FW, Added Unlisted Results, Adjusted Some Validation Results
1.8.5 (25/1/22) New Validations, Added Unlisted/New Results, New Statistical Values, Fixed Results HTML File Name Bug, Improved CID & UNK Validation (Removed False Warnings), Cosmetic Fix To 'Validation Complete', Added Block For v1.8.0 & Below.
1.8.3 (26/11/21) Improved File Handling When Patching, Added UART Enabling Question After Validation (Requested Feature), Bug Fix Handling Files NOT In /Dumps/ (Whoops), Bug Fix Handling UART.
1.8.2 (21/11/21) Improved Validation & Classification of WiFi/BT Modules, Improved Validation of All Encrypted Sections, Added New WiFi/BT FW MD5s, Bug Fix Handling Files In /Dumps/.
1.8.0 (15/11/21) Added Unlisted Results, Added New Flags & Patches (Boot Parameter (Dev, Assist, Release), Memory Budget and Slow HDD Mode), Added New WiFi/BT FW MD5s, Changed Patch Offset Interpretation For WiFi/BT, Fixed Patching Showing Dump MD5 Instead of Patch MD5, Changed Interpretation of Dump Files (Save Time With Hardcore Corruption/Wrong Files), Cosmetic Fixes, Connection Fixes (Temporary).
1.7.4 (7/10/21) Fixed Uploading Criteria, Fixed Server Side Uploading Issue (58 Dumps Lost!), Added Unlisted Results
1.7.3 (22/8/21) Fixed IDU Patching, Added Unlisted/New Results (Thank You Uploaders!)
1.7.2 (30/7/21) Fixed Mishandling of Bulk Warning/Danger Results (Significantly), Added Unlisted/New Results.
1.7.1 (25/6/21) Fixed Uploading Questions, Added MB Serial to Outputs, New Spash Screen.
1.7.0 (23/6/21) Added Questions Regarding Dump When Uploading, Added New CID Validation (Weird Key or Flag), Fixed UART Validation, Added Unlisted Results.
1.6.9 (26/5/21) Fixed Internal Code Issues, Added Unlisted Results, New Splash Screen (Potentially last update for a short while).
1.6.8 (16/5/21) Updated Internal Comparison Application, Improved Serial Number Validation (MB Series), Added Unlisted Results.
1.6.7 (25/4/21) Repaired UNK 1200 Series Validation, Added Unlisted Results.
1.6.6 (12/4/21) Added Unlisted Results, Improved Validation, Changed Output Styling.
1.6.5 (31/3/21) Added CoreOS Statistical Analysis, Changed Some Results, Changed Some Output Formatting, Returned to Previous Packer.
1.6.3 (30/3/21) Added CoreOS Patcher (SU-30631-3 Error Specific), Updated Results, Added Unlisted Results, Fixed Readme, Changed Packer.
1.6.2 (18/3/21) Repaired CID Validation, Improved Handling of 72xx, Added Unlisted Results, Improved Dump Uploading Process.
1.6.1 (20/2/21) Repaired CID Validation, Added Unlisted Results (Thanks Uploaders!)
1.6.0 (4/2/21) Added IDU Mode Patcher, Improved Validations, Added Unlisted Results.
1.5.9 (29/1/21) Major Improvement to CID and UNK Validations, Added Unlisted Results, Improved UART Patching, Better Handling of 1200/Pro/Slim Validations, Added v1.5 of Comparator (Comparison Tool, Option 1)
1.5.7 (11/1/21) Fixed Version Check, Improved Statistics, Removed Some Unlisted Results (Improved Validation), Updated Upload Feature, Improved Compiler
1.5.6 (10/1/21) Improved CID and UNK Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations, IDU Flags Added, Some Code Optimization
1.5.5 (8/1/21) Updated Pro/Slim Specific Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations, Updated CID Validations, Updated UNK Validations, Added Dump Upload Feature
1.5.3 (5/12/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Updated WiFi/BT MD5s & Entropy Validation
1.5.2 (20/11/20) Updated WiFi/BT MD5s, Added 2nd UART Flag, Updated Unlisted Validations
1.5.1 (3/11/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Added UART Enabler, Removed Unused Validation Option, Added Basic Loader
1.5.0 (30/10/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Upgraded Existing Validations, Removed Loader (Secret Patcher Coming Soon!)
1.4.9 (3/5/20) Added 21xx Series Specific Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations
1.4.7 (23/3/20) Added Dynamic Comparison, Updated Unlisted Validations
1.4.6 (1/2/20) Just Keeping It Fresh! (May have fixed issues stopping the program running, if not let me know!)
1.4.4 (16/8/19) Added and Improved Validations (CID & UNK) Including New WiFi/BT FW MD5
1.4.2 (7/4/19) Added More Validations (Firmware & Console Specific), Improved Various Sections (CID & UNK Mostly)
1.4.1 (1/3/19) Prettied Up Outputs, Minor Rewording (Sorry!).
1.4.0 (1/3/19) Added Zecoxao Extraction Methodology (Will Add More Zecoxao SELF Stuff Later), Added FW/BIOS Versioning, Added Additional Entropy Validation & Various Improvements Throughout.
1.3.8 (21/2/19) Added Additional Validations (To Suit Slim/Pro), Repaired/Improved CID Validation, More MD5s & Table Based Results.
1.3.5 (30/1/19) Added CoreOS Reference Points (Additional CoreOS Per-Console Validation).
1.3.3 (24/1/19) Reworked And Improved Both CID And UNK Sections Again, Added More MD5's, Added Application Version Checker, Removed Colored Bars, Added Comparator & Other Improvements Throughout.
1.3.1 (19/1/19) Added More Validations & MD5's, Repaired Minor Bug.
1.3.0 (15/1/19) Completely Reworked And Improved The CID Section And Added Additional Validations To The UNK Section & I Also Improved Some Other Validations Throughout.
1.2.6 (18/12/18) Hopefully Fixed 'Black Screen' Issue, Recompiled In 32bit.
1.2.5 (17/12/18) Added 2 New Flags (Possibly Initialization Flag?), Changed Validation Results, Improved Output/Info (HTML) & Added MD5's.
1.2.0 (8/12/18) Improved All Alt Validations, Repaired Vtrm1, Internal Typo & Added Repetition Checks.
1.1.1 (29/11/18) Typo Again, Made The SKU Not Come Up As Unlisted & Added Some MD5's.
1.1.0 (28/11/18) Improved VTRM & CID Validation, Typo Fixes & Better Colours.
1.0.0 (27/11/18) First Release!

:arrow: And from the BwE SerialReader SerialReader

Auto detects COM port, reads and writes serial output as binary or text.

Designed for Windows.

Features to be added: Highlighting certain text like "ERROR" and better handling of timeouts and exiting the program itself.

If you like what I do, or just like me for me, buy me a coffeeeee!

Spoiler: Legacy Article

PS4 NOR Validator.png


@BwE I have a CUH-1002A that comes up with CE-36330-5 when it boots up and after a few times of clicking OK (it just keeps looping that error) it finally boots. If you disable "system music" in the sound and screen settings it works perfect with no errors.

Running the NOR dump through your program gives 2 dangers and 2 warnings please see below. Could any of these be associated with the system music?
SCE VTRM Region 1 Dynamic Header 2: 000F [DANGER]
SCE VTRM Region 1 Dynamic Header 3: 000F [DANGER]
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