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  1. GreenSmoke

    Installing PSXITArch Linux and Kodi on PS4 4.55 Guide

    Following the Manjaro Linux PS4 V2 / Salix Linux for PS4 and Kodi / Steam with PS4 5.01 Linux Loader updates, here is a guide on installing PSXITArch Linux and Kodi on PS4 4.55 OFW. Check it out below thanks to, roughly translated: How to Install PSXITArch Linux and Kodi on PS4 4.55...
  2. GreenSmoke

    How to Flash an ESP8266 PS4 Device on Windows Guide by GreenSmoke

    This tutorial covers how to flash an ESP8266 device with a bin file using a windows PC for use on a PlayStation 4 console. What you will need: A ESP8266 with 4MB Flash A Micro USB cable A Windows PC A Bin File containing ESP8266 Firmware (A PS4 with Firmware 4.55 is required if you want to use...
  3. kdwgamestore

    ESP8266 Flash Dumper Tools to Dump Your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin

    Here are some ESP8266 Flash Dumper tools used to dump your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin, then you can flash with flasher or flasher for PS4 ESP host and PS3 ESP host. :D Download : esp8266flashdumper.rar (216.24 KB - Windows x64 & 32 bit version) / esp8266flashdumper.rar...