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  1. The Last of Us Remastered Improved PS4 Load Times Patch by Illusion0001

    Following the Dishonored 60 FPS Mod PS4 PKG, Deadpool 60 FPS Mod PS4 PKG, Bloodborne PS4 60 FPS Patch Demo and PS5 vs PS4 Pro 60 FPS Upgrade Comparison today Illusion0001 shared a The Last of Us Remastered Improved PS4 Load Times Patch alongside a demonstration video below from his YouTube...
  2. Shiningami

    PS4 Droid Trainer: Game Cheats on Android (Online and Offline) & RAN SHN-Injector by TetzkatLipHoka (TLH)

    Following my PS4Reaper and PS4Reaper Multitrainer releases, I present to you the PS4 Droid Trainer edition. As its name suggests, it is a PS4 cheat loader for Android that can handle all PlayStation 4 game trainers made by PS4Reaper (191 trainers at the moment of writing). Download...
  3. hejran7

    PS4 Save Mounter GameSave Tutorial by Hejran7

    Following the PS4 Save Mounter Homebrew Utility v1.1 update, this is a tutorial I have posted in the PS4 Source Discord channel community so I'll add it here plus some editing so it may help others... and please checkout @Sc0rpion's Video Guide (added below) in the PS4 Game Saves Repository...

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