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Today developer SiSTR0 with help from @ctn (aka ctn123 / Twitter) pushed live on Github the first public release of PS5Debug: PS5 Debugger (PS5Debug Beta v1.0b1) for PlayStation 5 which can be used for finding game codes, making cheats and PS5 trainers for those in the PS5Scene to test out via MultiTrainer v1.1.8.1 and Reaper Studio V01.0.4.1 featuring offsets for PS5! :geek:

Download: ps5debug_v1.0b1.7z (48.6 KB - includes ps5debug.elf) / GIT / Ko-fi Page <3/ PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader / Demons_Souls_Remake_PPSA01341_1.004_hejran7.shn by @hejran7 via Kameleonre_

Here's some related articles (sorted by date), with further details from the below:

This is a debugger for the PlayStation 5. Yes that's right!

The API is unchanged from ps4debug, so libdebug should still work.

⚠️ Warnings

ps5debug is currently an experimental beta and not everything works. Please use it with caution. Please report any issues to the GoldHEN Discord.

Quickstart Guide
  1. Download Debug Watch or another debugging tool.
  2. Start your favourite jailbreak/exploit.
  3. Send the latest version of ps5debug.elf to the elf loader's port, typically 9020.
  4. Start your favorite game!
  5. Attach to the game (or userland process).
  6. Start messing around with your debugging tool, try to find a bug for me!
  7. Make l33t hacks.
  • Everything you know and love about ps4debug including:
    • Rest mode support.
    • Console scanner.
    • klog server on port 3232.
  • New API command(s):
    • CMD_PROC_BASE(0xBDAA000D) - Gets the base address of the executable section.
      struct cmd_proc_base_packet {
          uint32_t pid;
      } __attribute__((packed));
      struct cmd_proc_base_response {
          uint64_t address;
      } __attribute__((packed));
Known Issues
  • ASLR is not disabled.
  • Todo:
Current status with tools

Reaper Studio

  • Debugger works for both ps4/ps5 games.
  • Cheat creation is untested.
MultiTrainer II
  • Working with PS4 and PS5 games with some issues:
    • Some code caves that rely on ASLR do not work.
  • Patched to work with both types of json cheats, with aslr enabled.
  • Fixed version will be released shortly.
Original Reaper
  • Working
PS4 Cheater
  • Working

Coded by ctn123 & SiSTRo.

Special thanks to:
Greeting to other devs:
Greeting to QA/Testers:
⬆️ Also below is a PS5Debug_Elf_Injection application and PS5-CleanELF fork via kmeps4 on Twitter with details from the

Download: / GIT


Small app to inject an elf file on a game process using Ps5Debug

Code example created by SiSTR0: SiSTR0

Elf example source code: PS4-CleanELF

How to use:
  • Inject PS5debug Payload [ps5debug]
  • Execute Sender.exe
  • Done
And from the fork's

Download: / GIT

PlayStation 5 Cleaned ELF [Port]

This is a source for building ELF files on the PS5
This is not system version specific, so it will work on 3.00 to 4.51

  • C++ Compiler
  • Detour Functions (Example of how to do a stub)
  • Vector classes and functions
  • Imports (Libc, Network, Threads, Notify)
  • Socket Printf
How to Use:
  • Make sure you have cc1plus installed (sudo apt-get install g++)
  • Go to directory with the Makefile on Linux Shell
  • type 'make'
  • project.elf is your exectuable
  • Load with jkpatch or api of your choice
Known Issues:
  • Because we do not use stdlib (-fnostdlib), there are some limitations like not having global variables with constructors. As an example, in my vector class there is a constructor and deconstructor. If you try make a global vec3_t or vec2_t variable, it will not link because the constructor for the variable is never being called. If anyone knows how to fix this without using the g++ standards let me know
  • Sabotage: how to do x64 detours
  • 2much4u/xemio: makefile/building examples
  • PS5 Port by SiSTR0: SiSTR0
Spoiler: Related Tweets & Demo Videos

PS5Debug PS5 Debugger (Beta) for PlayStation 5 via SiSTR0.jpg


Really nice work, one step closer to selling my ps4 pro, but hoping exploit release on ps5 fw 2.50 before I do lol.
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