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  1. Hello World PS4 PKG Example by Al Azif for Homebrew Developers

    Proceeding the previously released Hello World Test App PS4 PKG and Hello World GameMaker PS4 PKG, PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif recently shared a Hello World PS4 PKG example on Twitter demonstrating how with the OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain homebrew packages can be built automatically by adding...
  2. PS4 Debug PKG Installation with FSELF Retail Port by M0rph3us1987

    Following his PS4FileNinja and Source Code releases alongside the recent Flat_z Custom / Repacked PS4 PKGs, this weekend PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 confirmed via Twitter that PS4 Debug PKG installation with FSELF support on retail consoles is working... while suggesting it may be time...

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