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Proceeding the previously released Hello World Test App PS4 PKG and Hello World GameMaker PS4 PKG, PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif recently shared a Hello World PS4 PKG example on Twitter demonstrating how with the OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain homebrew packages can be built automatically by adding only a few lines of code. 🤓

To quote from the Tweets below on this handy tip for PS4 homebrew creators and developers:

Add 3-5 lines to Github workflow and it can automatically build your homebrew package for you without you actually needing to install the ***. You can use this for various things like to check to make sure changes are valid before accepting them or for generating releases.

As you can see from the PKG link generated by GitHub here:

Download: (5.77 MB - includes IV0000-BREW00083_00-HELLOWORLD000000.pkg (6.31 MB)) / GIT

And from the Hello World!

This is a repo to demonstrate the Open Orbis Toolchain Action

You can view the workflow file here and view the completed actions with their output here.

From build.yml:
name: build


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout Repo
        uses: actions/[email protected]

      - name: Run Open Orbis Toolchain
        uses: OpenOrbis/[email protected]
          version: latest
          command: cd hello_world; make; PkgTool.Core pkg_build pkg/pkg.gp4 .

      - name: Upload Artifact
        uses: actions/[email protected]
          name: IV0000-BREW00083_00-HELLOWORLD000000.pkg
          path: hello_world/IV0000-BREW00083_00-HELLOWORLD000000.pkg

:fire: And here's some Tweets from Sleirsgoevy this past weekend also:
Hello World PS4 PKG Example by Al Azif for Homebrew Developers.jpg



Yes this will only benefit developers, it’s basically a bit of code that floats around on GitHub, and as a developer you run your code through this ‘tool’ at build time and it spits out a nice pkg containing your compiled homebrew app, signed and ready to install on a hen enabled PS4. It’s a developed tool chain extension.

Usually the developer would build the code locally on their own pc, run scripts after to pack it a fsign it. This saves having to faff about setting all that up in your dev environment.

Helps massively for developers in streamlining and speeding up releasing new versions of an app for sure, so I guess it does kinda benefit the end user too in a way 😎


one thing that i think on PS4 Homebrews is plugins like we have on Ps3, PSP, PS Vita.

imagine you mod the share with more features like overlays, remove print screens overlays like all sqex games has, little things that make the difference :D
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