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  1. RiverStone

    Genshin Impact Venti's Melody Custom Dynamic PS4 Theme by RiverStone

    Just thought I would put it out there, had a go at making a dynamic theme. It's of Venti from Genshin Impact playing his harp with Venti's melody playing in background, custom icons. This comes following the DNA Dynamic Theme PS4 PKG alongside the Permanent PS4 Retail Themes with Unlocker PKGs...
  2. Persona4Golden

    PS4 / PS Vita Cross-Saves with Apollo Save Tool and VitaShell Tutorial

    Hello everyone, found out how to save and replace saves from and to PS4-PS Vita for games that have been released on both platforms. Normally, the cross-save function baked in the games require PSN, so this is a way to get around that. Requirements: Both PS4 & PS Vita need to be...
  3. Persona4Golden

    Persona 3 Aegis Custom Dynamic Theme PS4 PKG by FlorinsDistortedVision

    Hello everyone, since my Changing the PS4 System Sounds Tutorial and How to Make a Custom Dynamic PS4 Theme Guide posted earlier, I (aka florinsdistortedvision) decided to make a PlayStation 4 custom Dynamic Theme PS4 PKG for Persona 3 using the Aegis character. Download: Persona 3 Aegis...
  4. Persona4Golden

    How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme for a PlayStation 4 Console Guide

    Recently I (@Persona4Golden aka FLRIZBACK) shared a Changing All System Sounds on PS4 Tutorial, and today I've added to my FlorinsDistortedVision Github repository a guide on How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme for a PlayStation 4 Console. Download: / GIT...
  5. Persona4Golden

    Changing the PS4 System Sounds on a PlayStation 4 Console Guide

    Following the PS4 Custom BGM, Theme PKGs & PS4 Background Wave FBXD Format, below is a brief guide by me (@Persona4Golden aka FLRIZBACK on Reddit) for changing the PlayStation 4 System Sounds: 1. Changing PS4 Login Sound The login sound can be found in : /preinst/priv/systembgm/ and the file...