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  1. PS4 Debugger: Open Source PlayStation 4 Debugging by TheRealCain532

    Based on the PS4Debug library by golden (aka @g991), developer TheRealCain532 recently made available an open source debugger for PlayStation 4 with some of his own features added as well. :lovexf2: Download: PS4 Debugger.exe (3.6 MB) / GIT To quote from the on the release: PS4...
  2. g991

    PS4Debug: PlayStation 4 Debugger Updates by G991 (Golden)

    Following the previous release, here are some recent PS4Debug updates to my PlayStation 4 debugger application introducing the Debug Watch utility. :geek: A debugger with software breakpoints, hardware breakpoints, pause, stop, read memory, write memory, and all other sorts of functionality...