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  1. PS4 6.02 Top Secret Method for Games Rumored Incoming via Zecoxao

    For those following, this discussion is moved from the ongoing PS4 6.XX JSC_ConcatMemcpy WebKit Exploit POC thread and based on the Tweets below is not to be confused with M0rph3us1987's 35c3 Speech later this month. :ninjaxf2: While there is no ETA just yet, established PlayStation scene...
  2. PS4 Jailbreak Exploit by Chaitin Tech Echoes via SpecterDev

    Many may recall the PS4 Firmware 4.01 Jailbreak by Chaitin Tech, their ROP Tool and the addition of Kaslr Support last year. Following his PS4 4.0x WebKit Userland Exploit Documentation, JailbreakMe PS4 3.5x / 3.70 / 4.0x Exploit Ports and continuing research PlayStation 4 developer SpecterDev...

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