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Many may recall the PS4 Firmware 4.01 Jailbreak by Chaitin Tech, their ROP Tool and the addition of Kaslr Support last year.

Following his PS4 4.0x WebKit Userland Exploit Documentation, JailbreakMe PS4 3.5x / 3.70 / 4.0x Exploit Ports and continuing research PlayStation 4 developer SpecterDev shared a tweet earlier today echoing Chaitin Tech's PS4 kernel exploit on 4.05 that was disclosed to Sony and patched in 4.06 official Firmware this past November.

The news comes after qwertyoruiopz's PS4 4.50 Kernel R/W Access announcement, PS4 4.5x Pwnage and confirmation of PS4 4.55 Dumped.

While @SpecterDev already stated he can't release it and as a result decided to remove the tweet, at least PS4 Developers who have been collaborating and examining it can rest assured that Chaitin Tech and Sony aren't the only ones privy now... here's to hoping someone else will also run across it and decide to share it with the scene. :angel:

From the PSXHAX Shoutbox for those following:
  • Bultra:
  • Bultra: Specter 4.05 kernel Exploit But not gonna release
  • mcmrc1:
  • B7U3 C50SS:
  • B7U3 C50SS: Specter DEvs
  • B7U3 C50SS: Status..
  • B7U3 C50SS: is gone..
  • SpecterDev: yea B7 I removed my status because I felt it rubbed people the wrong way :p
  • SpecterDev: I didn't want to make a big deal out of it because I can't release it anyway so I decided to delete it :)
  • SpecterDev: 4.05 and below, the one chaitentech disclosed
  • SpecterDev: to Sony that is
  • oneman123: SpecterDev: shae SceEapCore.elf :D
  • SpecterDev: Haven't tried it
Cheers to @B7U3 C50SS, @Bultra, @mcmrc1, @oneman123 and of course @SpecterDev for the heads-up earlier today in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer:
PS4 Jailbreak Exploit by Chaitin Tech Echoes via SpecterDev.jpg



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After GeoHot's legal issues over the PS3 I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to get involved releasing it though.

The important part is if one PS4 developer can do it others can too, so hopefully someone else will who won't mind releasing it anonymously to the scene.

Of course, beyond the legalities there is another issue Fail0verflow reminds us of... based on qwertyoruiopz's Twitter followers there's no shortage of it either:


Nirav Patel

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This fkcing a**holes doesn't belong to scene anyway. They don't want to release things then what they want to say when they announce some sh*t, why don't they just stay in their respective rat holes. :mad::mad::mad:
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