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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 23, 2016 at 12:22 AM       11,943       18      
Many may recall the Pegasus Exploits on iOS PDF that was making rounds last week, well... today PlayStation 4 developer @SpecterDev shared his research findings on the Pegasus / Trident exploit in relation to the PS4 Chaitin Tech Exploit. :geek:

You can read the entire article on Specter's Development Blog with a closing excerpt below to quote:

"For 1.76, all of these steps were achieved. For 3.55, essentially all that's been done is step one. Now if the kernel exploit in Pegasus wasn't used in the jailbreak for firmwares > 1.76, what was? We don't know.

It's currently being held private, and Chatin did not disclose the vulnerability to the public, only exclusively to Sony. If one thing is for sure though, it's that the kernel exploit was assuredly burned in 4.06. I am however, unsure if the Pegasus webkit exploit was fixed or used in the jailbreak, however it's more than likely fixed as well."

Here are some related Tweets from SpecterDev and others on Twitter as well:

Thanks to @defense, @kazookid0 and @mcmrc1 for the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! ;)
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I would recommend staying on a lower firmware depending if you have Non-Retail/TestKit Console. Depending on the console, you can downgrade/upgrade firmwares. 3.70 PS4 Pro DevKits can't do that at the moment, but staying on a lower firmware can mean a few things.

Since Kurt & Bad ChoicesZ's were modding GTAV from 1.76, there might be a nice release for those firmwares. That's just my opinion. If there is something that comes up big, you can always upgrade firmwares, again, depending on the console you have at the moment.

To check again the difference between Non-Retail / Retail, you can check Mr. Niato's Blog Post which you can find here: Retail vs Non-Retail.

To roughly quote SC58: "if you have a pro testkit and it comes on 3.70 you won't be able to downgrade lower then 3.70, it just like ps3 dech 2k,3k,4k etc

there is already different ps4 models of testkit released that people have that can't downgrade to some fw cause the model it is, but yes any testkit can downgrade or update."

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