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A few weeks back we reported on the addition of PS4 Kexec Kaslr support for 3.55, 4.00 and 4.01 Firmware followed by hints on PS4 SAMU Encryption, and now neochampion2 (aka spars21) shared with PlayStation 4 developers an iOS9_Pegasus_iOS_Kernel_Exploit.pdf file discovered by @vettegast that may reveal details how Chaitin Tech made their PS4 4.01 kernel exploit demonstrated at GeekPwn 2016. ;-)

The document from zhengmin1989 contains a technical analysis of the Pegasus exploits on iOS, of which similar attack methods are believed to have been used on the PS4 4.01 Jailbreak kernel exploit.

Download: iOS9_Pegasus_iOS_Kernel_Exploit.pdf / GIT

A few other interesting tweets making their rounds on the Twitter circuit come from mntadr56 (aka mntadrr) as follows:
Related GIT appears to be empty though:
:arrow: Update: Credited @vettegast as the PDF discoverer with more details HERE thanks to @kazookid0! :geek:
PDF May Reveal Details on Chaitin Tech PS4 4.01 Jailbreak Exploit.jpg


Well my friends, I think December will be a promising month! Everyday I come here to search for ps4 news and for what I'm looking, December will be a great month, I'm really hype.
Made a little package containing all snippets of code found in the first part of the document about the webkit exploit. It contains a lot of pseudo code so some stuff will not run. I haven't got any knowledge about javascript either :p I just separated the code from the text

BTW: the PDF file was discovered by the user vettegast. neochampion only shared it around... So if I may do a little suggestion, just give some cred to that guy. if you don't believe me, please see the shoutbox chat from last night.


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