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We here at PSXHAX.COM would like to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY 4/20 Day today! :bananaman13:

Below you'll find some 4/20 videos, stories and Tweets making their rounds on Twitter for the cats who can't just lay back and chill with the rest of us <3

sPECiAL sHOUT oUTS to those who remember ANY OF THiS (if you do, take another puff and pass it to the left!), to my #1 Newfie markyg and to qwertyoruiopz for keeping everyone awake the last few weeks!

Feel free to add your own 4/20 Day videos and stories below...

So one day I was sitting with a buddy, his pregnant girlfriend (who was wearing a dress, mind you), me and my chick... and phat blunts, bongs, etc weren't good enough so we started doing buckets... if you've never done 'em consider yourself warned! :LOL:

Next thing we know his old lady leaves the room for a few minutes to get us more brews, and before she comes back he tells us he's gonna Fonzie her... so we were all like ummmm ok??? o_O

Soon as she got back she gave us our drinks like a nice lil wifey, went to sit down next to him on the couch and shot up faster than any pregnant chick I've ever seen move in my entire life... and it was only then we realized wtf he was on about, she got Fonzied!!! :ROFLMAO:

If you don't find this hilarious, either you had to be there or need to take another hit and reread it! (y)
Was Gonna Post PS4 Jailbreaking News, But We Got High... Happy 420 Day!.jpg



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Stories? I got stories..... Here we go!

So once apon a time there was a little boi named jake and it was a dark stormy night out by the skate park and for some reason a lot of people where there and these people and jake thought it was a good idea to smoke to dank 420 blaze... SO they thought to themselves how could we get this purple cush to be even better?

Well jake had a great idea of hotboxing a car so 5 people including jake got into a Dodge Neon and if you need to know how small this was its about 7 feet wide 3 feet long so....

Jake and his buddies got into the car and remember jake is a mofoing fat ass and if he had to could take up the whole backseat by himself BUT he couldn't he has to fit 2 more people in the back with him so they could blaze it up too so jake squeezed his thicc A$$ into the back seat a shut the door.

With the door about to bust open they started to pack 3 big thicccc a$$ blunts and they did after about 5 mins and 100 dollaasss went by they blazed and blazed the car started to fill up with smoke they couldn't breath at all jake was so high he dropped his phone....

And this is where it gets really dicy so the driver (jake's bff) opened the door because they couldn't breath at all so he opened the door for about 0.5 secs and let some smoke out and continued to smoke remember this is a park so there where kids around so it was like 420 ninja time and they had to hurry and finish up so they did...

they got done smoking and they dashed out of the car and left all the doors open and the smoke was pouring out of the car like it was niagara falls and they walked about 10 feet to the skate park and jake suddenly thought "hey wheres my phone" and got worried and started freaking out and looked for about 20 mins for his phone and finally got back to the car and saw it on the floor board and thought wow that was scary so he went to join his friends and than the night took a turn for the worst people where high and when people are high you have some pretty interesting ideas.

So someone thought it would be a "good idea" to have a fight night while high so we did and jake was so high he didn't even fight while everyone was fighting jake was off to the side talking crap and making fun of everyone who was. So after a long gruesome battle (which really wasnt long nor gruesome) jake went home and he can't drive so his friend drove and they barely made it home and than fell asleep.



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I find it hard to believe "Jake" did all that without eating... if you're gonna tell a story about pot smokers, at least make it realistic!!!

LOL JK.. great story Jake, errr.. brah :lovewins:
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